About Us

About Salt N Sear Catering:

Salt N Sear caters out of the Lower Mainland, with fresh ingredients, grown right from BC’s backyard. This ensures an authentic culinary experience. Salt N Sear focuses on providing high end quality.

Our Team: 

Salt N Sear is our family business run by husband and wife duo Jean Jacques and Janice Kabuya.

About The Chef:

Jean Jacques Kabuya was born in Lusaka, Zambia, before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia with his mother at the age of 5.

Jacques is very well travelled, touching base on almost every continent while experiencing many of the different cultural flavours from around the globe. He found his passion and love for cooking from his mother, who could be found singing and cooking before making her way to bed for her graveyard shift. In the morning, he’d wake up to more of the same, usually to the scent of her World Famous (or at least neighborhood famous) South African sausage and eggs.

When not in the kitchen, Jacques may be found volunteering at YouthCO’s Camp Moomba, working as a camp leader, leading groups on activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing and more. These many different life experiences helped shape Jacques into the positive, forward thinking person he is today.